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11. okt, 2020

Jacqueline Winter

Evelyne, mooie website, chapeau

5. dec, 2019

Aad Vijverberg

A special project showing the importance of vocational education, and self esteem for a happier new generation in Senegal!

Website 12. jul, 2017

Sophie Youngs

Uw website ziet er zo goed uit, uitstekend!

Website 31. mei, 2015


I like your website a lot, it looks very good and its easy to read the text.

Website 19. apr, 2015


Awesome work!

The direction to promote agricultural activities is very appropriate for purposes of sustainability and better nutrition.

6. mrt, 2015


Indeed, Senegalese people sure know how to party, I witnessed that myself... Wow!

What about a fundraising party in

The Netherlands Evelyne, for good celebrations, and for a good Cause ofcourse ;)

21. feb, 2015

Cheryl & Diodj Faye

The new site is great testimony to the wonderful work that the Diouma Foundation is doing in Senegal. See you on March 26!

20. feb, 2015

Michela Padovani

Great job !

Website 20. feb, 2015

Sander Kleikers

Well done Evelyne. The website looks good!